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Magnetif offers customized web development services, specially created for any type of business. We have experience in the entire field of web development to help your business reach its maximum potential in the online environment.

The professionalism of the web development team will speak for itself: we create websites or applications to facilitate the user experience, to achieve conversions and to generate profit.

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Analysis and conception of the web development strategy: we discuss and analyze all the objectives of your online business, establish and analyze the main competitors of the business

User experience (ui, ux) and information architecture

SEO optimization: we perform an SEO audit, optimize the speed and content of the site for a fast and efficient indexing on search engines

PHP programming and programming on CMS platforms

Email automation or application creation

Web development

involves the entire process of creating a website or an application.
After establishing a website implementation plan, you can proceed to the design stage, then to the actual

development stage

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Creating a Sitemap

A website creation plan and information architecture: what are the objectives and goals of the website or application, what will be the hierarchy of the pages on the website

PHP programming

Coding Front-end & back-end code: Our specialists use the most popular codes for website creation: html, css, javascript

Integration on CMS platforms

Our specialists can build a completely customized website or improve a website created on WordPress, Drupal, Magento, OpenCart, Shopify, Gomag, PrestaShop, Wix, CSCart and others platforms.

Web design

Web Design means, in addition to appearance and color, user experience, usability and many other elements that can influence user actions when they enter your website.

SEO structure

The process of placing and indexing keywords through seo optimization to be relevant on search engine results pages (eg, Google, Bing).


The importance of Web Development

Globally, there are 4.2 billion internet users. What they have in common is the fact that almost every user visits at least one website when browsing the Internet, and that website is created by a web development agency.

Magnetif specialists will offer you total and dedicated involvement for your web development project, so that it generates profit and brings the best results to your business.

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